2nd Saturday | July 14th, 2018 | Kitchen Box DIY + Herb Tasting

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Want to start gardening and learn how to build your own farmer’s market in your backyard? Want to infuse your cooking with homegrown herbs and vegetables? Interested in tasting new and varied herbs to spice up your cooking, your health, and your environment?

Join Parkway Partners for our Second Saturday session on Saturday, July 14th from 10am-12pm! Jeanette Bell, Founder and farmer of Garden on Mars, will lead us in a Kitchen Box demonstration followed by an Herb Tasting +Herb Q&A session. Learn how to build your own Kitchen Box, a 4 x 8-foot wooden garden frame with over 30 herbs and vegetables for your kitchen, to jumpstart your gardening practice, and learn how to use and taste herbs such as ginger, turmeric, and tarragon. Following the two workshops, we will tour the garden/farm/market and see several of Jeanette Bell’s 5 gardens –highlights include a bean & greens garden, fruit trees, an answer to ‘what does horseradish look like in real life?!’, chickens and their predator-deterring coop, and life lessons and stories from Jeanette Bell.

About Jeanette Bell: 
Jeanette Bell is an expert gardener who’s been growing flowers, veggies, and fruits on vacant lots in New Orleans for over 25 years. She was awarded a 2015 People’s Health Champion for her urban gardening efforts. Founder and Farmer of Garden on Mars, Jeanette operates five gardens throughout New Orleans.
Read more about Jeanette and Garden on Mars here: