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Information about Proper Trash Disposal

BWI is a good source for landscape fabric and other garden materials (Lawn & Garden – Landscape Supplies – Weed Barrier – then choose your product)

Report a Water Leak or Problem to the Sewerage & Water Board

The Department of Parks and Parkways – This is the department to call about the trees on the public right-of-way (area between street and sidewalk), neutral grounds, and other public trees.

List of Arborists

Parkway Partners’ Tree Troopers. This series provides in-depth information about New Orleans’ urban forest. Tree Troopers is free and open to the public.



Presenter: Joe Evans, Principal, LEED AP, Evans + Lighter Landscape Architecture

Topic: Introduction to Green Infrastructure



Presenter: Dana Brown, President/Principal at Dana Brown and Associates

Topic: Plants for Green Infrastructure








Buy the book online.









The Joy of Water Cookbook

The Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative 

Recycled Concrete Source:




Presenter: Emily Bullock, Landscape Architect at Spackman, Mossop + Michaels

Topic: Vertical Gardens & Rooftop Gardens




Presenter: Dana Eness, Executive Director of The Urban Conservancy, and Creator of F.Y.I. (the Front Yard Initiative)

Topic: Concrete and Permeability – What’s Wrong with my Concrete Yard?

See the following link for more information about F.Y.I.: The Urban Conservancy

Download Dana’s Powerpoint: paving presentation

Contact Information:

504 617 6618



Presenters: Dan Etheridge, Colectivo & Tony Lee, Magellan Street Garden

Topic: Green Infrastructure at Community Gardens & Urban Farms


Raised Bed Construction Plans

Tulane City Center


Presenter: Hilarie Shackai

Topic: Small-Scale Rainwater Catchment


Shackai’s Powerpoint


Presenter: Joe Evans, LEED AP, Evans + Lighter Landscape Architecture

Topic: Large-Scale Rainwater Catchment