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Tuesday, June 16 | 5-8pm | Dillard University

Introduction to Green Infrastructure – Joe Evans – Evans + Lighter Landscape Architecture

What is Green Infrastructure? Why is it important? How can it change how we live with stormwater in New Orleans?

Plants and Green Infrastructure – Dana Brown – Dana Brown and Associates

How can plants and trees help with our flooding issues? Which plants are best? Which are worst?

Wednesday, June 17 | 5-8pm | Dillard University

Bioswales & Rain Gardens – Dana Brown – Dana Brown and Associates

Learn about these beautiful and effective ways to store rainwater, how to construct them, and which plants are most useful.

Saturday, June 20 | 11am-1:30pm | Magellan Community Garden (West Bank)

Green Infrastructure at Community Gardens and Urban Farms – Dan Etheridge – Colectivo & Tony Lee – Magellan Street Community Garden

Tour the Magellan Street Garden that used to be plagued by flooding issues. Now it reuses rainwater for irrigation, grows plants in water and is a community hot spot.

Monday, June 22 | 5-8pm | Rosa H. Keller Library and Community Center 

Vertical Gardens and Rooftop Gardens – Emily Bullock – Spackman, Mossop and Michaels

What are they? Can we really build these in New Orleans? How do they work?

Concrete and Permeability – Dana Eness – The Urban Conservancy

What’s wrong with my concrete yard?

Saturday, June 27 | 10am-3pm | Andrew H. Wilson Charter School

Large-Scale Water Catchment – Joe Evans – Evans and Lighter

Discover how to capture and reuse stormwater with large cisterns and other systems.

Small-Scale Water Catchment – Hilarie Shackai – Gentilly Stormwater Program

Learn how to build your own rain barrel.