ReLeaf New Orleans


Our ReLeaf New Orleans program is an initiative that was born out of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans’ urban forest.  Parkway Partners holds a tree giveaway every Fall, and then works with neighborhood associations and community groups in organizing tree plantings throughout Orleans Parish during planting season, (which ends in late February).

As New Orleans is now the most deforested city in the U.S., Parkway Partners has committed to planting 20,000 trees by 2015.

  • Parkway Partners has planted 11,000 trees since 2005.
  • Tree Troopers training is an annual educational series that trains citizen foresters in how to replant and maintain our urban forest.
  • In Fall 2013 we gave away 450 trees, thanks to generous grants from ACTrees, CSX and Apache.  We have another giveaway scheduled for January 2014.


What is an “urban forest”, and why is it important?

How do I start a tree planting project with Parkway Partners?

Get Involved!

Lend your brawn and help plant trees at one of our existing planting projects.  Or donate to the ReLeaf Program so that we can purchase trees and waterbags.

Current Tree Planting Projects

  1. In a partnership with St. Claude Main Street, who is offering an incentive to St. Claude businesses, our ReForest the Marigny and Bywater project involves planting Live Oaks along St. Claude.
  2. In partnership with Broad Community Connections, Parkway Partners will be helping to plant 100 trees along Broad St. and Bayou Road.

Contact: Susannah Burley at if you are interested in adopting a tree on Broad or St. Claude, or donating to either of these projects.

You can donate to either planting project at any time.  
Any amount helps.  (On the drop down menu select: “Please direct my donation to- ReLeaf New Orleans”.

  • $25 buys a water bag
  • $150-250 buys a tree (different prices reflect different species)
  • Water a tree in front of your home or business along Broad St. or St. Claude