How do I start a tree planting project with Parkway Partners?

How can you create a tree planting project with Parkway Partners?

Talk to your neighbors and round up people who are interested in planting trees.  Decide whether you want trees on neutral grounds or in the right-of-way (the strip between the street and sidewalk).

Neutral Ground Trees

During a tree’s first year in the ground, it needs to be watered twice a week.  Thus, neutral ground trees require a maintenance package as neutral grounds do not have a water source.  A maintenance package generally costs about $500/tree, which includes professional planting of a large tree, and a one-year maintenance package including watering, mulching and pruning.

Street Trees  

These are the “right-of-way” trees in between the sidewalk and street.

All street trees must be at least 2″ caliper (thickness of trunk) and a species approved by the New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways.  Click HERE for guidelines.

Parkway Partners is happy to help you with tree selection and placement.

Every street tree must be accompanied by a commitment from the home or business owner who is planting the tree.  Please download the commitment form and return it to Parkway Partners via email to