Tree Troopers FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Tree Troopers educational series

Q:  How much does Tree Troopers cost?

A:  Tree Troopers is FREE and open to the public!

Q:  I can’t make it to one of the sessions one day.  Can I still attend Tree Troopers?

A:  Yes, of course.  We encourage you to as many sessions as possible, but understand that not everyone can attend every session.

Q:  Tree Troopers starts at 5pm but I don’t get out of work until 5pm.

A:  Don’t worry.  Just take your place when you arrive.  All of the power points will be made available to attendees.

Q:  I already know a lot about trees.  Will this series be useful to me?

A:  Yes!  Everyone learns a lot at Tree Troopers training whether they have a lot of experience or none at all.

Q:  Can I fulfill my Master Gardener’s continuing education units (CEUs) with Tree Troopers?

A:  Yes!

Q:  What is the point of Tree Troopers?

A:  Tree Troopers trains citizens of New Orleans in everything about trees in the urban landscape of our city.  The goal is to educate you as much as possible so that you can take your knowledge back to your neighborhood and initiate tree plantings, tree maintenance, etc.

During 2012 our Tree Troopers straightened over 70 trees after Hurricane Isaac, saving these vital trees from dying.  Other Tree Troopers have spearheaded plantings on both private property and public spaces.

2012 Tree Troopers on a Field Trip to Congo Square