Starting a Community Garden

Talk to Your Neighbors and Then Talk to Us

  • Develop a group of interested neighbors.
  • Identify a vacant lot.
  • Go to the New Orleans City Assessor’s website to find out who owns the lot. Then talk to the owner to obtain permission to garden on the land.
  • If the owner cannot be reached or the City of New Orleans or NORA owns the land, call Parkway Partners at 504 620 2224, ext 400 or email for help.

Meet With Neighbors to Establish Interest

  • Schedule a meeting of interested neighbors.  Many people want to see a garden in their neighborhood.  But now you need to gather the people who want to garden year round, and at least every other day.
  • Once a commitment to the garden is assured, select a project coordinator to schedule a meeting with the Program Director at Parkway Partners.

Make a Plan

  • Test your soil.  If heavy metals are detected in the garden’s soil, it needs to either be capped, or raised beds need to be constructed.
  • Once the site is approved, a clean-up day(s) is organized.
  • A garden plan is designed in cooperation with the gardeners and help from Parkway Partners.
  • Finally, the framing is set in, soil is amended and the garden is planted.

Important Components of a Garden

  • Permission to use the land.
  • Consensus, commitment and acceptance of responsibility from a group of neighbors.
  • Water source.
  • Leadership structure and rules for gardeners.
  • Understanding that establishing a garden is a slow process, but Parkway Partners is  available to coordinate and assist.

To learn more about becoming involved in Community Gardening, call 504-620-2224 or email

When your garden becomes active, we will include you on our list.