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What is Save Our Trees?

Explore details about Save Our Trees Services.

Parkway Partners’ Save Our Trees involves three services that preserve and protect New Orleans’ urban forest, including treatments for Buckmoth Caterpillars, Termites and Fertilization.  All services can be applied to public or private trees.

  • You can order services for trees on your private property, or on public property on the street, neutral grounds or parks.
  • Team with your neighbors so that pests don’t simply move from one tree to another.  Eradicating them from your neighborhood should be the goal.
  • Fully licensed, reputable contractors will be treating your trees.

All Save Our Trees services generate money that help make Parkway Partners’ programs possible.

For further information email Burdette Fouchia, or call 504.620.2224, ext 100. Checks may be mailed to Parkway Partners, or you can pay online below.

If you are ordering services for more than one tree, please fill in your total under “other”, and specify your order under “additional comments”.

*Make sure to specify where your trees are located.

Service cannot be rendered until payment has been received.